Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the ECV battery last?

Most batteries last for a full day of park exploration. However, please make sure to turn-off rental when not in use.Make sure to carry key with you.

  • Resort Plus: 5-6 hours of run time
  • NOTE: The rider, maximum speed, and terrain can have a marked impact on the battery life of an electric scooter.

Where can I charge the ECV?

The ECV can be charged using any 110v wall outlet. However, it is recommended to charge in the hotel room overnight.

Does the ECV have a cup holder and/or a bag hook accessory?

Yes, for an additional $10 each and they’re yours to take home.

Will the rental have a nametag?

Yes, the rental will have two forms of identification.

  • Rental Reservation Tag – Includes the delivery location, rental period, and the name of the guest who made the initial reservation.
  • Name Tag – Includes the last name of the guest who made the initial reservation.

Rental Delivery

  • If you’re staying at a Disney property, you do not need to meet our driver. Through our preferred partnership with Disney, ScooterBug provides the convenience of having your rental readily available on-site at the resort.
  • If you’re staying at a hotel that is not a Disney a property, don’t fret. We deliver to over 50 resorts in the Anaheim area. If you’re staying at a hotel not listed on our website, contact 1.800.726.8284 to inquire about reservation/delivery options. For any exceptions, we will contact you directly to arrange delivery.
  • All rentals can be picked up and returned to the hotel or resort’s Bell Stand. However, if you have a special drop-off request, email to arrange the return at another hotel/resort location.

Can equipment be delivered to one hotel and picked up at another?

  • If transferring between Disney properties, email to arrange pickup at another hotel. Additional fees may apply.
  • If you’re not transferring between Disney properties, call 1.800.726.8284 to arrange pickup at another hotel. Additional fees may apply.

Can I rent/pickup one of your products at the park(s)?

Disney, SeaWorld and Universal offer in-park rentals at their parks. However, if you’re in need of a rental throughout your entire stay, ScooterBug offers rentals delivered directly to your resort at the guest’s convenience.

Can the ECV get wet?

It is highly recommended that the ECV does not get wet. Also, please refrain driving through puddled areas.

Do you have rain covers for strollers or ECVs?

At this time, our rain covers are out of stock.

How can I change, extend or upgrade my existing reservation?

Please email for assistance. Please include your email Reservation Confirmation if available. Otherwise, please provide the reservation number and/or the name on the reservation. Additional fees may apply.

How do I book more than one piece of equipment?

You can book multiple reservations online, completing one reservation per rental.

Will my credit card information be stored on your system?

We use a secure transaction system that does not store your credit card information.

Does the Damage Waiver cover lost/stolen products?

  • No, the Damage Waiver does not cover lost or stolen rental products.
  • The optional damage waiver is not an insurance policy. The waiver covers only damage to the equipment up to the amount of $500. Any damage that exceeds this amount will be charged directly to the renter. The renter is not responsible for minor wear and tear damage such as paint scuffs or scratches. Should the renter decline the damage waiver, then he/she would be responsible for all damage that may occur to the rental equipment.
  • Recommend checking with your homeowners and Credit Card provider who often provides insurance coverage for these instances.

What to do if my rental is lost/stolen?

Contact ScooterBug immediately by calling 1.800.726.8284.

Do you have a program for Travel Agents?

Yes, please email for questions or interest in ScooterBug’s travel partner program.